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Who We Are?

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Welcome to There You Gloww- India’s First Premium Beauty Reseller. 

We’re the solution to your impulse buys, and incorrect purchases, and at the same time, your one-stop destination for premium beauty at affordable prices. Since our journey began in February 2021, we have not only helped our community declutter, and recover money lost on wrong shades, but have also given new lives to countless preloved products. 

Who are we?

Beauty Enthusiasts, and Former Beauty Product Hoarders.

What do we want?


We wish to bring a change in the way beauty products have traditionally been consumed, by creating a community where people can purchase as well as sell their preloved beauty products. 

Keeping in line with our goal of decluttering, we launched COSMOS Vol. I under our sister brand COSREI, which was designed with the three most commonly used makeup brushes- buffing, powder, and contour- as interchangeable heads so you can travel light, yet in style!

How did we begin?

It took some homemade mimosas and a COVID clean out for two friends to see the heap of expired beauty products that were barely used. Throwing them away with a heavy heart, they yearned for a solution where they didn’t have to do away with such expensive items before their value for money could be realized.

Over the next few hours, they came up with a solution that not only works for those guilt-ridden owners whose premium beauty products are going to waste, but also for those who wish to buy such products at a more affordable price. 

Hence, our journey with There You Gloww began.

How do we curate our PRELOVED products?

While accepting preloved products for listing, we make sure to allow only those premium brands that are either not easily available in India or are inaccessible due to their high costs.

Why should you trust our “preloved” curation?

We verify each product sold on our website for its authenticity, date of expiry, and its condition for sale. We also use a combination of techniques including, but not limited to, UV light, alcohols, and removal of the top layer to disinfect, sanitise and sterilise every product, ensuring it is safe for further use.

Why should you consider preloved beauty products?

While there are many people who swear by their extensive beauty regimens, there are many who prefer to keep it all natural.

Irrespective of which category you belong to, THERE YOU GLOWW not only presents you with an opportunity to try the cult-followed products without any commitment by giving you access to all the premium beauty brands at a fraction of their original price, but also allows you to sell your barely used beauty stash that did not live upto the hype.

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